Do you love WORDS?  Word lists?  I do – I have a special Pinterest Board just for Word Lists!  But before Pinterest….in the olden days…do you remember…..people used an actual thesaurus?  Yes, I too had numerous thesauri when I was in university…not sure if I used them or not….but just having them on my desk made me feel smart.

Years later when I began homeschooling my children, I dug up those thesauri and plunked them on the table in front of them.  Blank looks!  Ok, maybe they were not appropriate for elementary school children!  So off I went to the next homeschool conference determined to purchase a suitable thesaurus for my students.

How to use a thesaurus? 

Well, as a homeschool mom, I thought I would be SMART…combine several learning activities into one.  Not only could my kids look up a more sophisticated word for their writing…they would also be practicing alphabetizing1 Yes, this is good!


Why? As your students are writing, the last thing they want to do or should do is put down their pencil, search frantically for the thesaurus, remember the word they were hoping to replace, find it in the thesaurus, then transfer the sought after synonym into their writing.

Well, it is not the last thing they want to do….likely they think their word is suitable and all they really want is to get done!


Seeing as the actual book thing was not working well for my kids, I quickly became a fan of posters.  Tons of posters around with the information they most needed right at eye level.  BRILLIANT!

After all, homeschooling moms cannot nor should aspire to be Martha Stewart home decorators.  Posters, papers, timelines – all belong on the walls of your homeschool – in our case it was around the kitchen table.  Just think of the conversation starters when guests come to dinner.

  • Do you use a thesaurus in your home?  Which is your favourite? Which would you recommend?
  • Do you use posters in your home?  Let’s see some pics!
  • See you next week with more on Word Lists.

There are numerous thersauri out there to purchase – so many!  Here is one organized by character traits – all verbs, nouns, adjective etc which would be appropriate for a certain character trait.  You can purchase this Word Write Now online here: