Nurtuing Comp Communicators screen shot

Bonus Video
“Nurturing Competent Communicators”

Bev presents her signature 20 minute “talk” to the Vancouver Island Home School Conference. This condensed version gives you valuable insight into nurturing students who can communicate clearly, concisely and convincingly.

This 6-session, 9-hour course has been retrieved from our archives as a “gift” to our loyal and new clients. Our apologies for some of the sound quality as these recordings were “state of the online class” art when they were produced in 2010. However, the content of the teaching is timeless, and as relevant as ever. Each session comes with downloadable materials you can use to work through the lessons as Bev is teaching them.


Bev Rempel

Bev has been teaching the skill of Writing to parents, teachers and students for over 20 years.

This Special Archive Presentation is our gift to you for your support over the past two decades.

Video Lessons

Excellence in Writing Teacher Research
Recommended Canadian Resources for You and Your Students

All Things Canada

Suitable for Grades 3-4

Using fun fascinating facts and quirks about Canada,  All Things Canada teaches progressively through all nine units of the Blended Structure and Style (Excellence in Writing) program, beginning with key-word outlining and writing from notes, through the creative and reference units. 

HIstory of Canada

Suitable for Grades 5-6

Video vignettes from the Heritage of Canada series add significant interest and content to these valuable writing lesson plans. Twenty-four weekly lessons incrementally teach the Blended Structure and Style models.
Easy-to-follow instructions, source texts, video links, and checklists are included for grade 4-5 levels of students

Canada: Neighbours with a Difference

Suitable for Grades 6-9

The longest and friendliest border in the world separates two similar but unique neighbours. These quirks and interesting characteristics form the content for this series of writing lessons which allow teachers to improve student writing with Canadian content. Twenty-four weekly lessons incrementally teach the Blended Structure and Style models.

Enhanced Creative Writing

Suitable for Grades 7-10

Enhanced Creative Writing with Structure and Style is an ideal 17 Chapter complement to any of the Student Writing Intensives, Continuation Courses and Canada Writing Series teaching the Excellence in Writing program. It is the supplement Dr. J.B. Webster had designed to add greater creative depth to the Structure and Style program for his more advanced students.