Enhanced Creative Writing
Coil-Bound Vid-EBook

Authors: Bev & Bryan Rempel

Suitable for Grades 6,7,8 + above

Enhanced Creative Writing with Structure and Style is an ideal 17 Chapter complement to any of the Student Writing Intensives, Continuation Courses and Canada Writing Series teaching the Excellence in Writing program. It is the supplement Dr. J.B. Webster had designed to add greater creative depth to the Structure and Style program for his more advanced students.

Covered in Detail are: Flashbacks, Dialogue, The Five Senses, The Five W’s, Similes and Metaphors, Alliteration, Allusion, Poetry, Allegory and Foreshadowing.


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How to Write Excellent Essays in 7 Easy Steps

The Guidebook by Dr. J.B. Webster and Bryan Rempel M.A.

This handy coil-bound reference guidebook is uniquely designed to give you quick access to the variety of essay models taught in the Excellent Essays course from Webster’s Academy. It is not a comprehensive course in itself, but a refreshing reminder to those who have taken the course, of the essay models they will likely need in their later high school and college careers.


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Complete Course
Now Available from Webster’s Academy

How to Write Excellent Essays Course

How to Write Excellent Essays in 7 Easy Steps is a downloadable combination course of Bryan Rempel’s A+DVANCE Essay Writing Formula and the co-authored Excellent Essays course with Dr. Webster’s models for Essay Writing.

Eight hours of video instruction takes the student through in-depth teaching of a variety of essay models including the basic essay, the extended essay, the argumentative essay, two variations of the persuasive essay and the expository essay. Some further instruction on diploma, SAT and personal essays is also included in this course, along with the original booklet featuring condensed pages for quick review of each essay model.

This course is designed for high school students as well as those preparing for college and university. 

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