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Canada 150 Magnum Opus

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of the Canada 150 Writing Contest

2017 Marks the 150th Anniversary of the Confederation of Canada.

July 1st, Canada Day marks a celebration like no other in recent memory for Canadians. Excellent Resources will enhance the celebration with the publication of a Magnum Opus of Canadian student writing based on the lessons contained in the Canada Writing Series. Covering elementary, middle, junior and senior high students, the Canada 150 Writing Contest is offering prizes and merchandise for students who enter their completed assignments into the contest. Submissions must be completed by May 31st, with publication of the Magnum Opus on Canada Day, July 1. For full Details check out our Canada 150 Writing Contest Page.

Equipping Instructors to Teach “Excellence in Writing”

In order HIgh School Girl Yellow Bookto succeed in every area of life, students must hone the skills needed to communicate confidently and effectively. Whether your students are eager learners or reluctant writers, the Institute for Excellence in Writing’s (IEW) award-winning approach to teaching writing will give you the tools you need to confidently teach them to not only write well, but to think clearly, and to express themselves eloquently and persuasively.

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Teaching Writing for All Grade Levels

​If your students are just starting out in Kindergarten, are at the elementary, senior high, or even university levels, Excellent Resources provides skill training in Blended Structure and Style for them all. This ingenious “writing method” pioneered in Canada by Dr. J.B. Webster, and refined over the years through Andrew Pudewa and the Institute for Excellence in Writing, has produced many thousands of extraordinarily capable writers.

Proven, Easy-to-Use Resources

​The resources found on these pages are designed to provide simple and easy to follow step-by-step instruction in teaching writing that have been used successfully in home schooling families in Canada, the US and around the world.

Excellent Resources School Division

School Teacher BlackboardThe Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) has completely re-engineered its program to be implemented in the classrooms of public and private schools. Developing vast resources for teachers, IEW has made the job of teaching writing in school settings easy and efficient with ready-to-use lesson plans, modelling resources and classroom aids. If you are a professional educator, check out the “Schools” link in the menu above to visit the site designed specifically for you.

Online “Excellence in Writing” Courses from Webster’s Academy

If you are a parent or student who would like professional feedback on your student’s writing, Webster’s Academy provides a perfect hybrid of pre-recorded instructional lessons and marking by trained and qualified Webster’s Academy instructors. Most courses are short 5 or six week courses where students progress to the next lesson, once the instructor has marked and commented their assignment. From beginner levels to advanced diploma prep writing, Webster’s covers it all. There are no expensive additional resources to purchase as all downloadable materials are included in each course. Since the sessions are pre-recorded, your student can start at any time and progress at their own pace.